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An original educational approach that will change your relationship with water through private or group swimming lessons.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer lessons given specifically in private lessons (one-on-one with the professional) or semi-group, these lessons allow to adapt to each child’s needs to help him evolve very quickly.

Overcome your fear of water … We offer swimming lessons for adults who have bad memories of water (Aqua-Phobia)

Ideal for practicing a sport that is both gentle and efficient, Aquagym offers complete sessions during which all parts of the body are involved. As you re-tone your muscles and perform cardio respiratory work, your body and mind connect with the rhythm of the music. A real moment of relaxation equivalent to 1h30 of gym on the ground.

The Aqua Step is an excellent sports discipline accessible to all, which allows you to improve your physical form and tone without hurting yourself. Does this tempt you? Are you looking for a complete body workout? Do you want to strengthen your upper and lower body? Then Aqua Step is  the right choice for you. This aquatic discipline allows you to obtain visible results while enjoying the benefits of the water.

A gentle sport for pregnant women. In an aquatic environment, the body is weightless, so you feel lighter. This weightlessness is all the more appreciated during pregnancy, during which the woman constantly experiences the discomfort of the baby’s weight.

The movements in the water are very smooth, there is no risk of blockage or injury. Water aerobics provides better body support and better blood circulation in the lower limbs, which helps prevent back problems, relieve heavy legs and reduce blood pressure.

Baby swimming sessions are above all a fun moment, which you can share with your child. Thanks to the nine months spent in the mother’s womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, a baby will naturally feel at ease in the aquatic environment. You will also notice that infants have a swimming reflex: submerged, they block their breathing, and shake their legs and arms.