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About us


Steve Kemp

A qualified lifeguard, Steve Kemp offers a diversified program of aquatic activities, both educational and fun, in the very privileged setting of the swimming pool of the Hotel Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club in Canach.

Luxembourgish, Steve Kemp is also fluent in French, German and English, which allows him to put his skills at the service of as many people as possible.

Initiation to swimming for the little ones

An initiative rare enough to be underlined, Steve Kemp welcomes children from the age of 2 to teach them the first rudiments of swimming and familiarize them with the aquatic element, both for their enjoyment and for their safety.

Of course, at this early age, the primary goal is not to teach them all the technical intricacies of breaststroke casting! Via an adapted pedagogy, it is first of all a question of teaching them to maintain, without apprehension, the head out of the water then to move in an autonomous way … before refining the Style and approaching swimming proper. .

Ideally, to obtain convincing results, a regular rhythm is required at the rate of two 45-minute lessons per week, individual or group, over a period of approximately 6 to 8 months. It should be noted that the indoor swimming pool of I’Hétel Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club lends itself particularly well to the evolutions of these apprentice swimmers because of its reasonable size and always pleasant temperature.

For children, Steve Kemp also offers “Birthday by the pool” packages: an original and fun setting for an unforgettable party with an entertainment program, games and gourmet tasters.

In great shape for the summer!

Swimming lessons, Aqua-Fitness, Aqua-Step, gymnastics… As part of the relaxation and fitness area of ​​the Hétel Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club, Steve Kemp organizes accelerated courses for adults lasting five times. days, with intensive courses in the morning and afternoon.

As the sunny days approach, this is the ideal way to regain good physical condition with the prospect of going on vacation in great shape.