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Private swimming lessons

Adjusted to your needs

For young and old

Offered courses range from 2 month year old babies to adults

English, German, French or Luxembourgish

No need to worry about language barriers. Lessons can be held in the language of your choice

Private exclusive swimming pool

Get a unique experience in a swimming pool 15 minutes away from Luxembourg-City

We at Poolparty value your health

Stop the spread!

The government and NHS are well prepared to deal with Covid-19. You can help too!

Fact is that swimming in a well-maintained properly chlorinated pool is safe. However here are some precautions you can take to help stop spreading the disease.

For more informations and help feel free to visit:

Feeling sick? Stay at home!

If you show symptoms we kindly recommend staying at home to not sicken other people. Safe is safe.

Avoid touching your face

To prevent an infection avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Wash your hands often

Washing your hands as often possible is important to keep an infection at bay. Try coughing and sneezing into your elbow.

Keep your distance

Try to maintain a certain distance to other individuals as to not infect or get infected by others.

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We provide creative solutions

Baby Swimmers

Baby swimming sessions are above all a fun moment, which you can share with your child. Thanks to the nine months spent in the mother’s womb, surrounded by amniotic fluid, a baby will naturally feel at ease in the aquatic environment. You will also notice that infants have a swimming reflex: submerged, they block their breathing, and shake their legs and arms.

Swimming lessons for adults

Overcome your fear of water … We offer swimming lessons for adults who have bad memories of water (Aqua-Phobia)

Swimming lessons for children from 2 years old onwards

An original educational approach that will change your relationship with water through private or group swimming lessons.

Beginner, intermediate and advanced swimmer lessons given specifically in private lessons (one-on-one with the professional) or semi-group, these lessons allow to adapt to each child’s needs to help him evolve very quickly.

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